On-Campus Hotel Bar to Accept Dining Dollars
In an effort to appeal to students, Texas A&M University has announced that its newly opened Block T Bar will accept dining dollars. After finishing construction last year, Texas A&M’s Doug Pitcock Hotel and Conference  Center opened its doors for the 2018 football season. The hotel was built to... Read more
Student Leader To Host Workshop on Addressing New Members Without Using Names
Adam Wrincel, Chief Student Leader of FLOE (Freshman Leading Organized Events), will be hosting a new workshop for all student leaders this coming March due to an occurrence at last Tuesday’s FLOE general meeting. What started as an ordinary discussion lead by Wrincel quickly took a turn for the... Read more
Local Consulting Company Creates Plan to Increase Christian Date Creativity
With the rise of Christian men’s organizations on campus, men in the Christian Bubble are struggling to beat the competition and take their “Ruth” out on the perfect, intentional date. A group of junior economics majors from the Brotherhood of Men in Christ, Beta Mu Chi, decided to fill... Read more
Applebee’s Voted #1 Valentine’s Spot for Couples Just Going Through the Motions
College Station restaurant owners released a poll today, in which Applebee’s was voted the best Valentine’s Day spot in Aggieland for couples who are just going through the motions. “While you’ll see plenty of couples who are still in love, a large portion of our restaurant is dedicated to... Read more
Beutel Correctly Diagnoses Common Cold
An employee at Beutel Health Center is being formally recognized following an unprecedented occurrence last week. Audrey Flanagan, a senior nursing student, shocked coworkers by being the first Beutel employee to correctly diagnose an illness. When student Brady Lewis displayed several symptoms, including drowsiness, headache and a mild cough,... Read more
You Won’t Believe Why This Guy Chose to Go to A&M
1. It made the most sense economically. 2. It is top-ranked for his chosen field of study. 3. It is centrally located between Austin and Houston. 4. He was impressed by the friendliness of the student body. 5. He thinks participating in all the traditions might be fun. 6.... Read more
Advisors Hate Him! Find Out How He Became a Sophomore By Hours And How You Can Too!
After infuriating his advisor by not taking her advice, Freshman Joseph Michaels shared with The Mugdown why he is better than your typical freshman. “Well yeah, I’m a freshman but I decided to claim all my AP credits and even picked up a few dual credit classes my senior... Read more
5 Sexiest Layne’s Chicken Finger Boxes
1) This is one sexy box, it can handle a lot of meat. Who wouldn’t want to get inside this box? 2) That’s a nice handful of breast, maybe even two handfuls. Plump yet firm, this breast meat is begging you to bury your face in it. 3) This... Read more
You Won’t BELIEVE How We Rank These Parking Lots
Lot 1 Lot 3 Lot 4 Lot 5 Lot 6 Lot 7 Lot 8 Lot 10a Lot 10b Lot 11 Lot 12 Lot 13 Lot 14 Lot 15 Lot 18 Lot 19 Lot 20 Lot 21 Lot 22 Lot 23 Lot 24 Lot 25 Lot 26 Lot 27 Lot... Read more
Texas A&M Ranked #1 in Bullshit Metric
Texas A&M reached a major milestone this week when it was ranked as the #1 public university in the country in some bullshit, oddly specific metric. These rankings placed A&M as the #3 overall university in this meaningless and empty achievement behind two private schools with which you are... Read more