Ancient Artifacts Suggest Long-Forgotten Thanksgiving Conflict Between A&M and UT
On Tuesday afternoon, Texas A&M archaeologists announced the discovery of ancient artifacts that suggest some sort of ritualistic Thanksgiving conflict between A&M and The University of Texas. The new findings, as reported by Dr. Ted Goebel, contradict the strongly-held administrative belief that A&M and UT are not rivals, and... Read more
Donald Trump Explains Texas Colleges
In an exclusive interview with The Mugdown, we asked Donald Trump to describe the various high-quality universities in Texas. To our shock, Trump had an extensive and impressive knowledge of this state’s collegiate systems that supersedes anything a Texan could ever think or imagine. After a few questions, Trump... Read more
What We Found Hidden in the UT Fight Song will Shock and Disturb You
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Aggies attending the football game this weekend witnessed a special treat: the Rice Middle School improv group, affectionately nicknamed The MOB. As the Rice Middle School Band performed at halftime, the improv group was allowed to join their classmates on the field to perform a small skit they put... Read more
7 Little Known Facts about the UT Class Ring
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