How the Mob, as Transportation Services, Extorts Campus
The Mafia has taken root at Texas A&M. In a shocking revelation, The Mugdown discovered that the Mob has taken over Transportation Services and set up a massive extortion operation that relies on revenues from parking tickets and parking permits. The Mob, under the leadership of Don Goodfella, who... Read more
Uncovered Myths and Mysteries Behind Transportation Services
The Mugdown recently conducted an interview with one of Aggieland’s tenured Transportation Services employees, Roger Joe Fillmore. Fillmore joined the TAMU faculty in 1990 and was first in his class at the Segway Rider Institute. I sat down with Fillmore to gain insight into his perspective and experience as... Read more
Archaeologists Uncover Cryptic TAMU Parking Signs’ Hidden Meanings
For years, the signs which indicate parking lots and dot the Texas A&M campus have confounded students and faculty alike. Recently, however, TAMU’s team of renowned archaeologists may have cracked the prehistoric code behind their symbolism. Most students are familiar with these ancient monoliths. Each sign prominently displays one,... Read more
Reckless Moron Thinks It’s Okay to Bike on Sidewalks
Anger and discontent permeated campus on Wednesday morning as reckless moron Ricky Pflieger decided to ride his bicycle through a crowded sidewalk clearly designed for foot traffic. Pflieger, a sophomore communications major and inconsiderate jerk, defended the action. “The sidewalks are just so crowded and the buses are slow... Read more
Chancellor Sharp Tapped to Bring Disastrous A&M Infrastructure to Houston
Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tapped Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp to spearhead the state-wide rebuilding effort in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Abbott explained this at a press conference after he announced the decision. “Harvey was an unprecedented disaster for the Gulf Coast of Texas,” said Abbott.... Read more
TAMU Self-Driving Car Runs Red Light
Texas A&M University made national headlines over the summer when it announced that self-driving cars will be made a part of life in College Station. The project has since expanded, with cars beginning to drive around Bryan–College Station roads. However, an unintended side effect of this development can be... Read more
Heroic Bus Driver Delivers Students To Their 8:15 a.m. Classes Right On Time
Texas A&M Transportation Services recognized Ed Martinez, a campus bus driver with nearly three years of experience, with the Spirit of the Aggie Spirit award early Monday morning after heroically delivering students to their 8:15 a.m. classes perfectly on-time. “Ed Martinez is being recognized today for going above and... Read more