QUIZ: Find Your Perfect Major

Go on a journey through this informative guide to discover your perfect college major!

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Top 10 Fish Camps This Year
This camp was in-tents. They totally had the wildest mixers.   Such a face camp.   This camp followed policy so well, completely dry.   So many perfect partz!   This camp was kept up continuity for the longest.   The best bonfire without a doubt.   Just a... Read more
This boy was diagnosed with a terminal illness. You WON’T BELIEVE what this university did next!
Get the tissues ready and brace yourself for a heartwarming win so epic it will restore your faith in humanity! Life was good for Joshua Alders, an 8 year-old Door Holder at Clark Elementary. From his games on the hopscotch court to his grades in Phonics class, Josh was... Read more
The 6 Best Places to Poop on Campus (No. 2 Will Inspire You)
6.) Top Floor of Harrington Tower The bathrooms here are clean, and the aesthetics are pleasing. Plus, you get that familiar rush from defecating at an altitude! Not a lot of people use these bathrooms–especially at night–so they are perfect for those late-night-away-from-home craps! Flush away! 5.) Sbisa These... Read more
The 8 Classes You Literally HAVE to Take
POLS 207 – State and Local Government Dr Pepper, Whataburger, and Local Government. That was a list of things that should be important to every Texan, especially those who need three more credit hours to meet their Government/Political science requirement. ANTH 201 – Introduction to Anthropology The study of... Read more
Top 10 Reasons Clickbait Is The Worst (You Won’t Believe #6!)
1. After extensive brainstorming and literally tens of minutes of googling, we put together a list of all the reasons to hate clickbait. You will never guess what we did next; we wrote this article about it. 2. The worst thing about clickbait articles is their misleading titles. The... Read more
Humble Brag Chart, Does Your Org Matter?
    Fan Post by Ross-Tafarian Volunteer With help from 5k for Yell Read more
Finals Week As Told by Miss Rev and Shia LaBeouf
The moment you realize finals week is here. 2. You try to start studying. You get distracted. 4. You get REALLY distracted. 5. You eat everything in sight. 6. You realize you haven’t actually done anything. 7. You literally just can’t even. 8. Cue the mental breakdown. 9. You... Read more
5 Sexiest Layne’s Chicken Finger Boxes
This is one sexy box, it can handle a lot of meat. Who wouldn’t want to get inside this box? 2) That’s a nice handful of breast, maybe even two handfuls. Plump yet firm, this breast meat is begging you to bury your face in it. 3) This homegrown... Read more
7 Essential Tips for Boot Chasers
Does the sound of taps and spurs give you butterflies? Does the boots and khaki combo just throw you in a tizzy? Do you have your heart set on a cadet but just don’t know how to interact with him? Don’t worry, not many people do. Read this guide... Read more