The Mugdown Comes Out Spring 2019
Another semester has flown by which means it’s time once again to say goodbye to our own graduating Senior members. Just as one anxiously waits for the next bit of our content to reach the public, so have these friends of ours been waiting to be made known to... Read more
Tradition Defended as Cheer Team National Championship Victory Silenced
The Texas A&M competitive cheer team won the National Championship on April 6th for the second time in a row, threatening the hierarchy of reverence among student activities. “It’s just not fair, and it doesn’t make any sense,” said junior finance major Brett Sears. “The football team has commanded... Read more
Freshman Popularity Correlated to Available Meal Trades
As the spring semester comes to a close, freshman biology major Cole Dwyer could not help but notice that sophomores and other upperclassmen increasingly wanted to hang out with him. “It all began in my FLEX GroupMe,” Dwyer told The Mugdown. “I made one comment about how many meal... Read more
Cadets Uninvolved Due to Uniform Discomfort
The Corps of Cadets Association conducted a study in the past eight years on cadet involvement off of the Quad. In recent years, student body involvement has increased steadily; however, cadet involvement has plummeted in organizations in which Corps members are required to wear their uniform. Cadets are expected... Read more
Campus Voices: Saturday’s Ring Day Moved to the Rec
Saturday’s Ring Day has been moved to the Rec due to severe weather warnings. What do you think? “I can’t wait to take cute photos with my ring in front of the rock climbing wall!” Anne Masuda ‘20 • Biomedical Engineering Major   “My family better remember their towels.” Thomas... Read more
Student Dreads Visit from Loving Family
Senior ocean engineering major Jenny McKean was enjoying her last semester of college when her parents called to tell her they were coming to College Station for Ring Day, forcing her to entertain them for three consecutive days. The McKean family lives out of state and only gets to... Read more
Activists Deface Sully Statue with Image of Wartime Enemy
In Academic Plaza, activists are protesting Lawrence Sullivan Ross with the image of his wartime enemy, Union President Abraham Lincoln. Known to students as “putting a penny on Sully,” the defacement is meant to embarrass the former Confederate General for being on the losing side of the Civil War.... Read more
Administration Building Just Glad to Have a Keepsake
The Administration Building recently responded to questions regarding graduation traditions at Texas A&M University. “In the grand scheme of things, these outbound seniors have only been here for the blink of an eye – but I will cherish all of this confetti nonetheless.” According to local photographer Sam Wellingsburg,... Read more
Physics Festival Teaches Community the Fun of Blowing Shit Up
This past weekend, the College of Science put on its annual Physics and Engineering Festival. This year’s festival featured a lecture about science’s role in breweries, a tour from a Nobel Laureate and over 200 hands-on exhibits available in an open house format throughout the Mitchell Physics Building and... Read more
To Whom It May Concern
To Whom It May Concern, My name is Sarah Maxwell. I was born in the late summer months of 1998, and I’ve wanted to be an Aggie ever since that fateful day. As a sophomore communications major, I am extremely invested in this class and have a perfect attendance... Read more