Corps of Cadets to Install New Complaint Box at the Bottom of Lake Bryan
In a press conference last Friday, leaders of the Corps of Cadets announced that, in an effort to open up communication between cadets and their leadership, an official complaint box will be installed at the bottom of Lake Bryan. “Communication is the key to success in any large organization,”... Read more
Sorority Girls Tired of Needy Families Taking the Good Date Party Costumes at Goodwill
Last Tuesday, sorority sisters Amber Pruitte and Candice Jennings stopped by Goodwill to shop for costumes for their date party later that night. The date party theme was “Shrek at the Rec,” and they hoped a successful trip to their favorite thrift store would draw all eyes to on... Read more
Callaway House to Evict Non-Greek Residents
The Callaway House has announced that all non-Greek residents will be evicted at the end of March in order to free up spaces for fraternity and sorority members that have been living in less-than-ideal communities. The 30-day eviction notices were delivered at the end of Spring Rush, which was... Read more
Local Landscapers Protest The Big Event, Claim Disruption of Business
Many landscapers local to the Bryan-College Station area have gathered to protest The Big Event, an annual service day for Texas A&M students. The dispute began after some landscapers attributed declining sales in the months following The Big Event to the mass quantities of free labor distributed to the... Read more
University Writing Center to Offer Instagram Caption Course
This past weekend, the University Writing Center announced a brand-new course after noting a sizeable need in previously uncharted territory: Instagram captions. The UWC wants to capitalize on social media’s growing importance to students by helping users create captions worthy of hundreds of likes. This course will give caption... Read more
Your Future Spouse is Being a Real Piece of Trash Today
After cutting off three cars while driving down University Drive this morning, the other parent to your future children barrelled through yellow lights at 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. This daredevil will one day be responsible for dropping off your children to school in the family... Read more
Pack of Chimpanzees Able to Restrain Themselves on Quiet Floor of Library
In a study released by the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, three Chimpanzees were brought to the 3rd floor of Evans Library and researchers observed their behavior. The three chimps were all seated at one table, given study materials and a cell phone, then briefed that the floor... Read more
Complicated National Issue Solved by Guy Who Just Used a Napkin as a Plate
This week, after years of heated debate and deliberation by the nation’s top professionals, one complicated national issue was solved by a guy eating burnt oven pizza off a crumpled napkin he found on his counter. Trey Stinton, a sophomore Spanish major at Texas A&M, told The Mugdown that... Read more
Proud Student Fulfills Civic Duty by Voting for Random Candidates
Brock Heard performed his civic duty of democratic participation last Friday, taking advantage of the MSC’s convenient location for early voting. Heard, like many Aggies, is not from Brazos County. However, this did not even slightly hinder his ability to cast a ballot. If it came to a point... Read more
Most Inclusive Corps Holds Most Exclusive Event
The 2017-2018 Corps of Cadets is not only the largest the Corps has been since 1975, but also the most inclusive the Corps has ever been. The current Corps focuses its energy on separating itself from the past. The changes in the Corps shift beyond ideological boundaries and have... Read more