Kyle Field Graduation Sends Message to Engineers: “Lower Expectations”
The ever-growing College of Engineering has announced that it would be hosting the 2017 commencement ceremony in Kyle Field.  Reactions to the news have been mixed: while some students were excited to turn their tassels inside the Home of the 12th Man, others recognized that the venue was outdoors,... Read more
Donors Frustrated Over Inability to Purchase a Guaranteed National Championship

After spending millions of dollars on the football program, fans have become frustrated that the money spent has not correlated to guaranteed success.

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New KINE Class Prepares Students for Leaving Games Early

Leaving games early can be a tricky affair; many students fear the judgement of their peers, whose sweaty stares follow their premature journeys down the ramps. Fortunately for them, Texas A&M University has decided to continue the tradition of casting aside its core values for money by offering a new one hour KINE course titled “Advanced Flaking.”

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Ghost of Reveilles Past
As classes wear on and grades turn spooky,  College Station prepares for Halloween and reports of mysterious noises and occurrences near Reveille’s grave have been spreading.  The recent renovation and construction of Kyle Field has disturbed the grave. In fact, some tales claim that The Zone at the North... Read more
Surveys to Settle Every Campus Dispute: Boo vs Hiss
Recent controversy over how Aggies respond to questionable calls during football games has prompted the 12th Man Foundation to sponsor an interactive poll at the upcoming game versus the South Carolina Gamecocks. In the spirit of Halloween, attendees of the game are asked to dress in costume representing which side... Read more
MSC’s Aglantis Declared Fourth Largest Aquarium in College Station
Today, the stunning 300-gallon saltwater tank located on the bottom floor of Texas A&M’s Memorial Student Center celebrated its official confirmation as the fourth largest aquarium in the city of College Station. Aglantis, as it is affectionately referred to by students, was gifted to the University by the Texas... Read more
Kyle Field Scoreboard Adds 15 Pounds
After complaints by fans that the scoreboard added the Freshman 15 a bit too early in the year, the Kyle Field media staff took a hard look at their equipment to make sure everything was square. The video board, now the largest in the country, was made to maximize... Read more
Game Time Prayer Angers Zeus. Weather Happens.
Only moments after Kyle Kelly finished his prayer to the Hebrew God before the first football game against Lamar, another god stirred. In spectacular wrath, Zeus began to throw down lightning bolts to punish the bigotry of the Aggies. For hours, Zeus threw bolt after bolt, declaring that the... Read more
The Prophecy of Kyle
Early this morning, University officials called an emergency meeting following the surprising discovery of an ancient manuscript. Russell Bormann, sophomore Ocean Engineering major and Muster model, stumbled upon the document late Tuesday evening and quickly reported his find to campus authorities. “I came to Cushing in hopes of seeing... Read more
Confused Ol’ Ag Breaks Into Kyle Field for Midnight Yell
With the Texas A&M spring Parents’ Weekend coming this weekend, the university wishes to give Aggie parents the best experience possible. A trademark tradition in Aggieland is the beloved Midnight Yell Practice, a surprisingly popular event amongst older generations who have not seen midnight in decades. Traditionally, Yell Leaders... Read more