Sorority Adopts New Ritual for Ring Pass
Perhaps the oldest and most unique tradition the members of any sorority will experience is “Ring Pass”. This ceremony is traditionally held when a sister in the chapter gets engaged, and it serves as a time to share in the excitement and joy that comes with finding one’s soulmate.... Read more
MRS Grad Struggles to Find Work
With December graduation fast approaching, the class of 2015 waits with bated breath to make their way out into the real world. Some will be graduating with jobs, and two sets of rings. Others, however, are not so lucky. Indeed, times are certainly tough for the MRS major. Unemployment... Read more
Dating Couple Basically Engaged by Hours
Local couple Sarah Addison and Connor Bristow drew attention from young couples everywhere when they announced a major relationship milestone in a Facebook post Sunday evening. Despite dating for only eight months and four days, the couple believes that they might as well just consider themselves engaged. Some students... Read more