Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Spring Engagements at All Time Low Without Access to Century Tree

By Hannibal Lechner , in Campus Life , at May 8, 2020 Tags: , , , ,

One of the most beloved traditions at Texas A&M University is getting engaged under the Century Tree. Legend holds that those who get engaged there will stay together forever. With students encouraged to leave campus for the remainder of the semester, however, few are left to continue the tradition.

“It’s just a really confusing time for all of us trying to make sure our girlfriends get their ‘ring by spring,’” said a senior cadet when asked about the recent dip in engagements. “For seniors, this semester was our last opportunity to propose before graduating, and I’m in shock that I’ll no longer get that chance.”

While some are worried about the timing of the proposal, others are more concerned with the stability of a marriage not initiated under the famous arching branches. “How am I supposed to ensure that I stay married forever if I can’t propose underneath the Century Tree?” said senior Matteo Adams. “I just don’t think I could go into a marriage without the sacred protection the Century Tree provides.”

While some relationships’ prospects are bleak, students hope that true love and engagements will prevail as classes start back up in the fall.


— Hannibal Lechner