Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Texas A&M to Introduce Ring by Spring Day

By Panic! at the Flag Room , in Campus Life , at April 8, 2021 Tags: , , , ,

Texas A&M University has announced the creation of Ring by Spring Day to commemorate newly engaged Aggies. Officials stated that the purpose of the day was to celebrate the time-honored tradition of showing off the next stage in your six-month relationship on your social media.

Nathan Laska, Ring by Spring Day 2021 coordinator, said, “While Texas A&M recognizes that engagements do occur during the fall semester, we felt it was time to make this unofficial tradition official.”

Ring by Spring Day will include events that are geared towards generating beautiful moments that can be captured for later validation on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Plans include installing new trellis arches at the Leech Teaching Gardens, hiring your friends who have Nikon DSLR cameras to take pictures, and weather manipulation to ensure a cloud-free golden hour.

Laska also noted the potential for Ring by Spring Day to be included in the official plans for a new planned campaign, 100 by 50. The initiative, inspired by the success of 25 by 25, aims to increase undergraduate enrollment to 100,000 students by 2050.

“In order to increase enrollment at Texas A&M, we need more students. By celebrating Aggie engagements, we hope to encourage couples to produce more Aggies to fuel the 100 by 50 campaign,” Laska said. “Sure, young adults struggle to support themselves financially and can’t afford to have children in the current economy, but we hope that providing social media engagement will help alleviate the problem of decreased birth rates.”

The first Ring by Spring Day is scheduled for April 23, 2022.


— Panic! At the Flag Room