Sorority Girl Holding Banner Does Not Know Event Name
There she stood, five foot six inches, holding an eight foot banner illustrated in blue, white, and green. Unable to distinguish the purpose of the event from the banner, I approached the lady in white Converse and an XL T-shirt to discover the meaning of abusing such a nice... Read more
Sorority Test Bank Leaked, Comm Department Reeling
Texas A&M’s Department of Communication was rocked yesterday when the test bank held in the Delta Gamma sorority house was leaked to the public. Delta Gamma has proudly acknowledged the existence of this test bank for many years, lauding it as a definite mark in DG’s favor during the... Read more
Rush Week Over, Only Four Suicides
The TAMU Panhellenic Community was relieved to learn that by the end of this year’s stressful Recruitment Week, only four girls had committed suicide — an all time low. Many feared the record number of young women entering such a stressful environment would lead to a spike in the... Read more
Which Sorority Are You?
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Greek Life, British Humour
The following is an article we received from one of our fans across the pond. And yes, we’re being serious. This article was actually written by a fan from the UK. We’ve left it unedited so you can read it in it’s full British goodness. Didn’t even drop those... Read more
Student Starts Fraternity Run On Monarchy. Declares Himself “King of the Frat”
So long as there is a head, a student organization is free to structure itself however it sees fit. Few realize just how much freedom Texas A&M’s Department of Student Activities actually allows, better than his grace, Jeffrey of the House Bartison, King of the Pledges and the Frat... Read more