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Sorority Girl Voluntarily Attends Philanthropy Event

By Aggie FacePlant , in Greek Life , at October 6, 2020 Tags: , , , , ,

Last Friday, Delta Phi Alpha Sorority member Lisa O’Neill voluntarily attended a philanthropy event for another Greek organization. The Backyard Barbecue Benefit was put on by Sigma Pi Beta Fraternity to raise money for Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

O’Neill has already reached her sorority’s minimum requirement of three Panhellenic Points and would not have incurred a fine had she not attended Sigma Pi Beta’s event.

“I think Boys & Girls Club is an incredible cause, and I was happy to contribute in any way that I could,” O’Neill said. “Plus, the barbecue was pretty good.” Sources have confirmed, however, that the event ran out of barbecue within the first twenty minutes of the event.

O’Neill does not have a close relationship with any Sigma Pi Beta members — not even an acquaintance from class or a childhood friend to whom she feels a sense of obligation. She claims to have bought her ticket online because she didn’t know anyone in the fraternity.

QR code ticket scans verify that O’Neill was in attendance on Friday night. However, there are no posts or stories on O’Neill’s social media accounts promoting her attendance at the event.

“It’s so great to see Greek life members like Lisa come out and support our cause with no ulterior motives,” said Joshua Mills, Vice President of Community Service for Sigma Pi Beta. Mills further noted that O’Neill didn’t even ask if the semi-formal would be in NOLA.


— Aggie Faceplant