The New, New Testament, Part 3: Not Peace, but the Sword
In order to become a member of the Christian community, many have given up hours on Pinterest to find the perfect calligraphy font or spent money on pseudo-adventurous clothing. For some, though, the sacrifice is greater than learning a new skill or purchasing a new wardrobe, and many are not... Read more
The New, New Testament, Part 2: We Are One Body
Poor art skills are not the only thing keeping people from living as true disciples of Jesus Christ. To truly “do life” with intentional believers, one must make real sacrifices. A Bible study meets every Wednesday night in Vincent Askelson’s home. The young men ride to his house on... Read more
The New, New Testament, Part 1: Watercolor to Wine
Partially painted canvases litter the floor surrounding Rachel Nordeman’s desk. One is an unfinished drawing of a disproportionate anchor; another, an attempt at watercolor wildflowers. Nordeman sits at her desk—cluttered with open paint palettes and empty coffee mugs—and hunches over her latest project: a woodcut with the words “It... Read more
Freshmen Heartbroken when First College Crush Isn’t Future Spouse
Every fall, many newly-single freshmen enter Texas A&M declaring their independence and commitment to remaining single for the foreseeable future. After some time of friend making and FLO mingling, freshmen inevitably pair off in precisely the manner they swore against. In a matter of weeks, these pseudo-couples go from... Read more
Ag Café Named Nation’s Best University Dining Center
The American Institute for University Dining (AIUD) has named Ag Café of Texas A&M “The Nation’s Best University Dining Center.” Although this accolade comes as a surprise to many, Chartwells officials claim they knew Ag Café was destined for public recognition sooner or later. Last year’s winner, the University... Read more
Missionary Sets Out to Convert Tickets
For some, ticket pull and converting student tickets to guest passes is a hassle. For others, it is a ministry. Kyle Joseph, a self-proclaimed Aggie missionary who spends most of his time soliciting GroupMe’s and facilitating Sunday night sports-pass groups, describes his cathartic experience. “Through the chaos and clutter... Read more
Student’s Vote Not Counted After He Forgets to Post a Picture to Social Media
Last Thursday, Toby Brewer, a Junior Economics student at Texas A&M, got out of bed early to fulfill his civic duty and cast his vote. After waiting in line and completing his ballot, he placed his “I voted” sticker on his backpack and went on his way. This morning,... Read more
Petroleum Engineering Students Outraged After Liberal Arts Student Receives Paid Internship
Protests rocked the east side of campus today as news that a Liberal Arts major was hired for a well-paid internship, while petroleum engineering majors are still without internships and jobs. Junior English major Sarah Oliver received an offer from a well-known consulting firm because of her “analytical and... Read more
Student Accepts Responsibility For Own Shortcomings
Last Friday afternoon, local student Aaron Gilchrist, a senior mathematics major, shocked the Aggie community when he hosted a press conference admitting that many of his problems were his own fault. “After spending over four years at A&M and seeing another set of midterms that I did poorly on,... Read more
Reveille Fights Societal Pressure to Settle Down
Though only in her second year as the official mascot of Texas A&M,  Reveille IX has already started making plans for after college. While many former Reveilles have gone on to live in quiet retirement, this year’s Rev is looking at opportunities to do something different. “I’ve learned so... Read more