Mugdown Lowdown: How to Become Student Body President
A version of this article was first published in the August 2016 print edition of The Mugdown. So you want to be Student Body President, huh? Most students are asking themselves questions like “Can I wash my maroons with my whites?” or “How many days can I safely go without... Read more
New Athletic Recruits Excited to Witness Aggie Family From Afar
This past year, we have seen Texas A&M Athletics continue to make immense strides towards becoming a national force to be reckoned with, and witnessed extraordinary successes from our track and field, baseball, soccer, swimming and diving teams, and many more. With national recognition comes a surge of new... Read more
The Mid-Fish Crisis: Freshmen Suffer Across Campus
Following a semester of skipped classes, Chick-fil-A, rogue FLO all-nighters, and too much damn Fuego, every freshman must face the harsh reality of their second semester. After three and a half months of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed oblivion, many returning freshmen spiral into what is notoriously known as the Mid-Fish... Read more
Super Unique Student Wears Cat Shirt
Seen walking to class last Friday in a t-shirt depicting two kittens riding a unicorn through space, Texas A&M junior Andrea Mendez caught the attention of a few other pedestrians with her unique style choice. She says this happens often, and has spent much of her college career honing... Read more
Campus Voices: TAMU Declares Victory Over ISYS
In an email sent to all Management Information Systems students, the MIS department announced that it has done away with the “ISYS” prefix for its courses. Effective Fall 2017, all classes previously labelled “ISYS” will now be labeled “ISTM”. ISYS classes were subject to some controversy due to sharing... Read more
Student Honest About Doing Absolutely Nothing Over Break
Winter break can be an exciting and busy time for many students attending Texas A&M. There are brief study abroad trips, old high school friends to see, résumés to be updated, minimesters to sob over, et cetera. For most students, it is a time of peace without the burden... Read more
Most Miserable College Student Quarantined in Annex Study Room
Yesterday evening, during a routine drill of One-Upping Your Friends With Your Own Problems, two students got more than they were bargaining for. At 7:00 pm, Jason Dominguez and Sandra Baldwin met with junior BIMS major Alison Chen in the Annex to prepare for an upcoming biochemistry final. Dominguez... Read more
7 Ways to Show Your Friends You Are Not a White Supremacist Today
Many look at their day today and find their social calendar—as well as their social-activist calendar—filled to the brim with potential ways to spend the evening. Check out our top 7 ways for you to show your friends how totally not racist you are! No. 1 Aggies United Attend... Read more
Beutel Introduces Fastpass Line To Meet Students’ Needs
A.P. Beutel Health Center, The Place Where Everything is Made Up and Your Health Doesn’t Matter™, has recently received an overwhelming influx of students complaining of various illnesses, likely due to the new inability to q-drop classes and the rapid approach of finals. “Don’t tell anyone, but when I... Read more
Freshman Eagerly Awaits Announcement of Massive Curve on Final Grade
While many students recently made the difficult decision to Q-drop their classes due to poor test performances, lack of attendance, and other general failures as college students, one Aggie has confidently remained enrolled in spite of dire circumstances. Dennis Parker, freshman engineering major, is eagerly awaiting a massive curve... Read more