Students Protest Men’s Resource Center on Campus
Today on campus, students were in uproar over the new “Elect Him” campaign sponsored by the Men’s Resource Center. Students were visibly upset and denounced the new group as sexist, saying that it put other groups on campus at a disadvantage. Other students thought it was fair that the... Read more
4.0 Student Claims Test Was ‘Impossible,’ Makes 98
Bethany Salinsky, a sophomore political science major, completed her first ECON 203 exam on Thursday, October 12th. Unlike most students in the class, Salinsky spent two full weeks preparing for the exam, making routine visits to the quiet section of Evans Library. With a 4.0 GPR, the last call... Read more
Professor’s Accent Forces Student to Skip Class and Not Study
This morning, Jim Lovett, an equestrian math major at Texas A&M, picked up a stack of Q-drop forms after receiving his first round of exam grades. Lovett claimed that his professor’s “unintelligible” foreign accent was to blame for his subpar test scores. The Mugdown met up with Lovett last... Read more
Bagel Theft Prompts Chartwells to Hire Security Guards for On-Campus Dining Halls
It is a common practice amongst Texas A&M students to take food out of the dining halls across campus. Whether students are in a rush or just want to save a bit for later, swiping a little extra food has been common practice since the university began serving meals... Read more
Millennials Kill New Army
Early on Friday morning, President Michael K. Young, Chancellor John Sharp, and Student Body President Bobby Brooks held a joint press conference to announce the death of New Army. For years, former students and upperclassmen alike have mourned the death of Old Army, including the bygone days of hazing,... Read more
Students in Long Term Relationships Defer Commitment Issues to Senior Year
Junior finance major Braxton Bolton and junior petroleum engineering major Rachel Descartes have been dating since freshman year. They met at a party between their two FLOs and ended up dating soon after. Both are well liked, athletic, and high achieving, and most people think the relationship is destined... Read more
Knife River Named Official Cement Truck of Texas A&M
On Tuesday, President Young made official what many students have believed to be true for a while now. Like the Heldenfels cats, the clever squirrels in Academic Plaza, and the bats of Kyle Field, campus has long been home to a range of adorable friends that have become indispensable... Read more
Freshman BIMS Major Diagnoses Friend and Saves His Life
Last week, a life was saved. Around 3:14 pm, sophomore Benny Harrington sneezed 3 times in a row in his Biology 111 class. After an unnecessary amount of “Bless you”s, local hero Todd Parsnip leaned over and changed Benny’s life forever. “You know that’s an early sign of conjunctivitis,... Read more
Chartwells Introduces New Feedback Program to Ignore Negative Reviews
Every day, over 50,000 students attend classes at Texas A&M University. With such a large student body, the university trusts only one catering service to provide nutrition to their students: Chartwells. The factor that truly sets Chartwells apart from the competition, aside from their promise “to nourish the bodies,... Read more
Students Upset University Working Second Job at Hotel to Provide for Them
One topic has completely dominated the discourse of the student body this semester. Texas A&M, a hardworking university, decided to get a second job to provide for its students. Students have become irate at their university’s decision even though the school is just trying to help provide for their... Read more