Senior Deliberately Walks on Seal To Prevent Impending Doom Hot

Campus Life Feb 21, 2017 0

On Wednesday, February 15th, senior anthropology major Justin Creed decided to take a bold stand regarding his future. Creed purposefully strutted across the seal in Koldus with all the zeal of a tourist group around prime traffic time. He... Read more

Graphic Tee Student Loves Coffee, Sarcasm, Bad First Impressions Hot

Campus Life Feb 17, 2017 0

It is mid-afternoon in the wildlands of northside campus (colloquially known as The Engineering... Read more

Big Event Forms Singles Group for Uninvolved Students Hot

Campus Life Feb 16, 2017 0

It is time to sign up for The Big Event, and many students are... Read more

Modern Musical Genius Crafts Perfect Playlist for Any Occasion

Local News Feb 15, 2017 0

Referring to him as a “musical genius” and a “modern-day Mozart,” friends of junior... Read more

Students Protest Valentine’s Privilege Hot

Campus Life Feb 14, 2017 0

TRIGGER WARNING: Valentine’s Privilege is discussed below. A new wave of progressivism has swept... Read more