Aggie Dining Braces for Rapid Currency Devaluation

Campus Life May 2, 2016 0

With mere days until finals, Texas A&M Administration is bracing for the rapid devaluation, and possible collapse, of Dining Dollars and Meal Trades (DDMT or Đ)— the school’s official currency.  The currency is floated against the US Dollar but investors... Read more

Maroonifest Destiny: Liberal Arts Students Move Westward for Better Prospects Hot

Campus Life Apr 29, 2016 0

After watching the seniors of their college struggle to find a job, the underclassmen... Read more

Passive Aggressive Chalk War in the Wellborn Tunnel Heats Up Hot

Campus Life Apr 28, 2016 0

As the presidential election approaches, students on campus have sprung into full-on activist mode.... Read more

Cadet Accidentally Contributes to Group Project Hot

Campus Life Apr 27, 2016 1

On Tuesday, April 26th, three group members on an ENGR 112 project were shocked... Read more

New Wave of Senioritis Hits A&M Campus, Wipes Out Entire Class of 2016 Hot

Campus Life Apr 26, 2016 0

The city of College Station has received an influx of volatile weather since the... Read more

Corps of Cadets: The Musical!

Produced by The Mugdown


Looking for a great date idea with your boot-chaser? Or a ‘guys night out’ with your ‘ol lady? Look no further than Corps of Cadets: The Musical, a dazzling, toe-tapping extravaganza. You are sure to be humming the tunes of ‘Khaki Love Makes Me So Blue’, ‘Get Me to the Quad on Time’, and ‘I Cogitated a Cogitation’ as you leave the theatre.

Written by Cadet Robert Bannon ’16 for the enjoyment of cadets and non-regs alike, proceeds will benefit Aggie Rings for Veterans and the Lone Survivor Foundation. Help us raise money, awareness, and appreciation for our veterans!

Make it to our 2pm show, or our 7pm final production. Or come to both! Marvel in the talent of the actors, laugh with cadets and non regs alike, and most importantly, support our veterans!