Apparent Slacker with Perfect GPA Pisses Off Classmates
Aggie business student Bryan Cooper admitted to The Mugdown on Monday that he has been concealing his work ethic from friends for years, perpetuating the idea that he does not work for his perfect GPA. Cooper, who has gone to great lengths to keep the hours he spends studying... Read more
How to Reduce Overcrowding
The Mugdown Solves Overcrowding Texas A&M University currently has over 59,000 students enrolled at its College Station campus, a number which will continue to grow with each coming year. Many students and faculty have voiced concerns over the amount of people on campus each day, suggesting that the crowded... Read more
25×25 Plan Announced for College of Liberal Arts
The 2015-2016 school year has been off to a frustrating start, with overcrowded parking garages, students sitting on the floor in classrooms, and a surplus of competitive engineering students lining up in front of Evans at 5:00 a.m. hoping to get a table next to an outlet. Juniors and... Read more