Gym Rat Flashes Six-Pack While Removing Sweater
On Monday morning, an entire class of 60 students stared in awe as sophomore Jefferson Steel removed his pullover jacket, revealing his shredded six-pack abs. In an attempt to adjust to the classroom’s thermostat setting, Steel exhibited to his classmates that some people do stay fit in the winter.... Read more
Car Wreck on George Bush Drive Caused by Shirtless Jogger
As the weather begins to cool in College Station, joggers have started utilizing every part of Texas A&M’s campus for their preferred running routes. One of the most popular running spots, the campus golf course, has long been a favorite for students who need a twenty-minute study break. The... Read more
Hot Beefcake Loses His Mojo
With another year comes another chance at love; another opportunity to put your pull game to the test. For a certain Brandon Huff, however, lady luck has taken a sudden turn for the worse. “Yeah, I don’t know what it is….back in H-town I had mad game. I was... Read more