Evans Library to Become Six-Story Starbucks Evans Library to Become Six-Story Starbucks
Evans Library has long been a hub for research and studying on campus. In 2014, Chartwells opened a Starbucks in Evans Library that immediately... Evans Library to Become Six-Story Starbucks

Evans Library has long been a hub for research and studying on campus. In 2014, Chartwells opened a Starbucks in Evans Library that immediately drew large crowds. Since this location accepts both the Starbucks App and dining dollars as viable payment forms, the Evans Starbucks outshines the Barnes and Noble coffee shop in the MSC, which claims to “Proudly Serve Starbucks™” but only accepts cash or credit—a serious hindrance to Starbucks Gold Card members.

The newest Starbucks on campus, commonly referred to as “Quadbucks,” has gained immense popularity among both cadets and non-regs, shedding light on just how many Texas A&M students are willing to pay $5 for a cappuccino. To foster the ever-growing love of mediocre coffee products, Evans will be undergoing renovations to become a six-story Starbucks—the first of its kind.

The Mugdown caught up with President Young to discuss these new plans.

“Texas A&M has become a premiere research institution, and we believe our Starbucks locations should reflect that. Being fearless on every front begins with our beverage intake,” said Young, who also explained that the renovations will involve removing most of the books in Evans Library to make room for the anticipated lines and the shelves of Starbucks Christmas Blend. When asked about the removal of books, the university responded by pointing out that Texas A&M is becoming so digitized that books are essentially unnecessary.

“Most students look up sources online now. We haven’t had a student check out a library book since November,” said Patricia Jamison, head librarian, whose years of experience sorting books will now be utilized to set up shelves of Starbucks merchandise.

Fortunately, Starbucks employees foresee shorter wait times, as the new floors will each feature their own lines and cash registers, attracting customers away from the overly crowded first floor.

Students like sophomore Jess Plantaya seem to be on board with such developments.

“I’m excited about all the new Starbucks lines coming to Evans because I’ve spent a lot of time waiting on the first floor over the past few years. One day I waited for two hours just to get a tall Java Chip Frappuccino and missed my Finance exam,” said Plantaya. “I’m a little annoyed about having to walk up the stairs now, though. You would think they could put in an escalator, too.”

It is still uncertain if the noise level rules will have to be adjusted on the upper floors, but the university told The Mugdown that they feel it is more important to supply students with caffeine than to provide a quiet place for study.

“We believe this change will allow Evans Library to capitalize on profits. The books are just wasting space, and they’re free to check out, so they end up costing us money. A six-story Starbucks will not only answer students’ needs, but it will also increase funding for future plans,” said President Young.

Despite all the changes, Evans Library will not undergo a name change, for the sake of tradition.

Renovations will begin this fall, and Texas A&M is hoping to see their collegiate rankings jump in response to the new amenities.



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