7 Essential Tips for Boot Chasers
Does the sound of taps and spurs give you butterflies? Does the boots and khaki combo just throw you in a tizzy? Do you have your heart set on a cadet but just don’t know how to interact with him? Don’t worry, not many people do. Read this guide... Read more
Maroon Out Still Relevant
The Maroon Out game: the one tradition the Corps of Cadets can never get right. This year, Aggies will once again flood into Kyle Field in a monochromatic ocean that can only be experienced at the Maroon Out game, or at any other home game. Every year,  Maroon Out... Read more
Freshman Spends Gig ‘Em Week Befriending Future Strangers
Every freshman’s first tradition: fooling yourself into liking people you will never see again after the MSC Open House. We spent a day with incoming freshman Tyler Walker to get a better glimpse into this tradition that is as widespread as a freshman’s eyelids during their first test. We... Read more
Best Friends Accidentally Walk under Century Tree Together, Now Gay
In a strange twist of fate, two Texas A&M students became gay today after walking, and then eventually prancing, under the century tree together. The students, Marcus Gladden and Tanner Elliott, have been friends since high school, and they say the event was an accident. “We were pretty late... Read more
Students Pose as Family: Receive Aid from Big Event
In a stroke of lazy and entitled brilliance, two seniors registered as a family in order to get free labor from The Big Event this year. The students, economics major Clay Morton and history major Stephen Shields, pretended to be an elderly couple who needed help with household chores.... Read more
Female Students Chug Wine to Prove Not Pregnant:
SOME DOCTORS CONVINCED, OTHERS REMAIN SKEPTICAL Texas A&M University’s Beutel Student Health Center, also colloquially known as “The Quack Shack,” has implemented a new policy in the women’s restrooms. Signs brandishing “Only toilet paper in toilets” litter the stall doors, along with artist renditions of several day-to-day items that... Read more
Local Preachers Begin Preaching at Long Torchy’s Tacos Lines
With an overwhelmingly religious student population, Texas A&M is a common locus for Christianizing activities. And its local preachers have made their presence quite known at Texas A&M. They are the ones who can be seen passing out pocket-sized Bibles on campus during select times of the year, and... Read more
Greek Life, British Humour
The following is an article we received from one of our fans across the pond. And yes, we’re being serious. This article was actually written by a fan from the UK. We’ve left it unedited so you can read it in it’s full British goodness. Didn’t even drop those... Read more
Division of Student Affairs Trials “Express Entry” Pass for MSC and Commons
Citing student setbacks caused by overcrowding at entrances to the Memorial Student Center and Commons buildings, Lt. Gen. Joe Weber, Vice President for Student Affairs, and his staff have been reviewing various solutions to mitigate delays. “Student Organizations play a very important role in student life and campus identity,... Read more