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Corps of Cadets to Host Bootchaser Pro Day

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Following an announcement from the Office of the Commandant, the Corps of Cadets has revealed plans to host a Pro Day event for bootchasers looking to be drafted into the professional league. Eligible young women will be combine-tested on Kyle Field in front of recruiters from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Minor league scouts from senior military academies will also be in attendance to recruit those not selected for the professional league.

During check-in, recruits will be evaluated for organizational involvement, Corps outfit affiliation, and past association with active and graduated cadets. In past recruiting seasons, preference has been shown to those involved in women’s organizations and top-tier sororities, with free agents occasionally breaking into the top draft picks. Similar preference can be seen for bootchasers coming from the Squadron 17 training program and from most Navy/Marine Corps outfits. The majority of those drafted by minor league senior military academies in past years were associated with the band.

A full list of combine events published by the Corps of Cadets can be viewed below.

Corps Lingo Recruits will be presented with Corps lingo and timed on their responses. Failure to respond results in immediate disqualification. The jargon used within the Corps of Cadets is similar to that used in the military, making it a good indicator of how a recruit will fare during conversation related to day-to-day activities within their chosen branch.
Buddy Chow Recruits will be seated in the middle of a simulated Buddy Chow at the Dixie Chicken. Performance will be graded based on ability to hold a conversation with buddies and other bootchasers present. Similar to Corps Lingo, this event serves as a good indicator of the recruits’ ability to make their service member look good in front of their friends. It also tests a recruit’s ability to get along well with other service member companions based on one shared characteristic.
Dodging Fish Recruits will start in a 3-point stance and move in 5-yard bursts around fish volunteers from each band outfit while being timed. This event simulates dodging enlisted members when pursuing officers and serves as a fantastic opportunity for elite bootchasers to set themselves apart in front of recruiters for the Marine Corps.
March-in ID Recruits will be evaluated on their ability to identify a single cadet from a rank of 8 by 5 cadets marching into Kyle Field. March-in is similar to the outfit formations formed at graduation from basic training and officer candidacy school. Outstanding performance in this event translates well to performance at professional drills and ceremonies. 
Class Uniform ID Recruits will be presented with identifying elements of each uniform, Class A through C, and must correctly identify the class year to which it belongs. Incorrect identification results in immediate disqualification. Class year identifiers on Corps of Cadets uniforms serve as a precursor to rank identification on the professional scale. Outstanding performance in this event will establish recruit ability to identify enlisted, NCO, and officer ranks in a timely manner. 

Bootchaser Pro Day is projected to take place following Final Review and the final draft order will be posted on CMS following the event.


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