Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Mature Campus Embarrassed by Brutalism Phase

By Ring Chunks , in Campus Life Popular , at September 23, 2019 Tags: , , , ,

Despite receiving praise for its bold architectural style, Texas A&M University recently admitted in an exclusive interview with The Mugdown that it feels embarrassed about the buildings it constructed during its rebellious brutalist phase. 

Although Texas A&M was founded in 1876, enrollment remained relatively stagnant until the sweeping reforms of the 1960s. Once non-white, non-reg men and women began being admitted, attendance slowly began to climb and the university entered its teenage years. Surrounded by cute girls, the university sought to impress its new audience with an austere, tough-composite material image. 

Campus hit its growth spurt just as it was getting interested in concrete. Breaking from the tradition of neoclassical architecture, the campus admits it adopted brutalism as a way to rebel against its founding fathers. 

Now mature, the campus looks back on its imposing monolithic skyline with shame. Modern buildings are constantly being erected to draw attention to glass and steel, but the evidence of its awkward brutalist growth spurt won’t be erased any time soon. 


—Ring Chunks