Vandalism of the Aggie Ring plaza was discovered earlier this week, bringing to light vulgar comments that the Association building namesake Clayton Williams Jr. made about rape in 1990. Eager for comment on the situation, The Mugdown visited the offices of University President Michael Young only to discover that... Read more
Health Officials Investigate Rabies Outbreak Among TexAgs Users
Following reports of erratic behavior and unprovoked aggression among TexAgs users, Brazos County health officials have identified the cause. Officials have asked residents to avoid contact with users of the popular forum site in order to contain the spread of rabies. “We have been getting reports of rabid behavior... Read more
Graduate Students Rescued After a Confusing Saturday
After confusing Saturday’s football game against Tennessee for a paramilitary takeover of campus, a group of graduate students took cover in a fourth floor laboratory in the Biological Sciences Building. A strange smell and jammed office door alerted campus police of the group’s isolation early Monday morning. “A group... Read more