Rosenthal Meat Center to Begin Selling Manure-scented Candles to Students on West Campus
The Rosenthal Meat Center is located in the heart of west campus, providing animal science majors a place to learn about meat processing and apply those skills in the form of an on-site meat market. Known for its wide variety of steaks, sausages, and jerky, the retail store will... Read more
GLBT Resource Center Moved to Utility Closet
Texas A&M announced Friday that the GLBT Resource Center offices will be relocated by mid-September. The resource center, established as a safe haven for queer Aggie students, will move from its current location at White Creek to a utility closet on West Campus. “I guess there were a few... Read more
Ag Café Named Nation’s Best University Dining Center
The American Institute for University Dining (AIUD) has named Ag Café of Texas A&M “The Nation’s Best University Dining Center.” Although this accolade comes as a surprise to many, Chartwells officials claim they knew Ag Café was destined for public recognition sooner or later. Last year’s winner, the University... Read more
Maroonifest Destiny: Liberal Arts Students Move Westward for Better Prospects
After watching the seniors of their college struggle to find a job, the underclassmen of the Liberal Arts Department are feeling the onset of panic. Sensing the need to change majors while their degree plans will still let them, a migration westward has begun. Due to the overcrowding of... Read more
Super Senior Assisted Living Opening on West Campus
Student Counseling Services recently announced plans for an on-campus assisted living center for super seniors. Maggie Gartner, Executive Director of Student Counseling Services, has said that they hope to reach out to this particular group of students who have apparently completely lost their grip on reality. “We find so... Read more