Spring Break Increases Student Diversity
The university once again took advantage of spring break before announcing its ethnic and epidermic diversity statistics. Photos of many sorority and fraternity members on their beach vacations provided the perfect proof for A&M’s new diversity campaign. Relying on a somewhat archaic method of rating diversity on slight variations in... Read more
Students Take Week Off From School Week Before Break
With spring break about 24 hours, 23 minutes, and 12 seconds after the publishing of this article (but who is counting, right?), every student still in College Station, present company included, has honestly stopped giving a flying [email protected]$#. “OMG school sucks,” said Becky Summers, just now. “I hate that... Read more
Aggie Bootchasers: A&M’s Newest Women’s Organization
The Aggie Bootchasers, founded by women looking to create a sisterhood between those who claim to support the Corps of Cadets the most, recently made their debut on campus. Founder and president of Bootchasers, Jessica Harwood, started the organization after realizing how hard it was to date a member of... Read more
Corps to Give Escorts Home for the Holidays
For all those Ags out there who have unfortunately fallen behind on their Ring By Spring timetable, the holiday season can be a difficult time to cope with. As a 16th generation Aggie, your family is heartbroken every time you fail to return with your perfectly paired redass soulmate.... Read more