Catholics to Hold Referendum, Seek Independence from Christian Bubble
Early Monday morning, senior religious studies major Ignatius Loyola announced the intent of the Texas A&M Catholic community to hold a referendum to officially secede from the Christian Bubble and form an independent “Catholic Bubble.” Calls for an independent Catholic Bubble reached a fever pitch this year after Impact... Read more
Students Find God Only to Lose Him Again
Thousands of students are not the only force that storms through College Station every fall. Along with the longest grocery lines since Y2K, fall unfailingly brings a religious resurgence across the entire community. Preceding countless summer nights on Sixth Street and in Uptown Dallas, many students leave their spirituality... Read more
Professor of Religious Studies Encourages Students to “Put the X Back in X-mas”
You may be hearing a new rally cry throughout campus this holiday season. Instead of the normal “Keep Christ in Christmas,” Dr. Jim Nail,  Professor of Religious Studies, is encouraging his students to “put the X back in X-mas.” Following Thanksgiving break, students have been heard complaining about the... Read more