Letter to the Editor: Where are the Gay People At?
Dear Editor, Hey, Mugdown. I was just wondering… where are all the gay people at? I mean, not that I’m gay or anything. I’m not interested in guys or anything, but I would like to know how to connect with one. I keep going to Halo, but I can’t... Read more
Closet Major Comes Out

Closet Major Comes Out

Local News September 29, 2015 1

Friends, family, and professors gathered at a student’s apartment for a “coming out” party, where Craig Lee, a sophomore at A&M, came out of the closet about his major. Both of Lee’s parents graduated from Texas A&M with honors in biomedical sciences. His father Charles Lee became a cardiologist... Read more
Best Friends Accidentally Walk under Century Tree Together, Now Gay
In a strange twist of fate, two Texas A&M students became gay today after walking, and then eventually prancing, under the century tree together. The students, Marcus Gladden and Tanner Elliott, have been friends since high school, and they say the event was an accident. “We were pretty late... Read more
Aggie Conservatives Guard Century Tree from LGBT
For Aggies looking to propose, there are few places more romantic than the Century Tree. It’s massive size and arching branches make it a scenic locale, and the long standing tradition surrounding it make the Century Tree the destination of choice for Aggies to get engaged. Not all couples,... Read more