Student Yelling Racial Slurs Inconveniences Those Nearby
David Luwin, a sophomore International Studies major, was rudely awoken from his midday nap Wednesday by a Texas A&M student yelling racial insults at a group of high schoolers. Luwin said he was so enraged that he almost said something. “Sure, campus is a social place,” Luwin said. “But... Read more
Liberal Arts Career Fair Sets New Standard
This Wednesday, February 10, the Texas A&M Career Center is putting on the Liberal Arts Career Fair in the Rudder Exhibition Hall. This event hosts some of the most prestigious employers of Liberal Arts degree holders, and countless students are all but guaranteed positions that not only pay well,... Read more
F.B.I. Hunts Wehner Cartels
The efforts of the local government, the Business Student Council, have been unable to curb the organized cartels monopolizing the trade of test answers within Mays Business School.  The council has outsourced the responsibility to the Freshman Business Initiative, or F.B.I., for their expertise in apprehending those who have... Read more
Cadet Stolen Valor
With the announcement of: Corps of Cadets: The Musical, something long feared by the Corps has come to fruition: Non-reg students have copied their khaki counterparts to reap the benefits of those who serve in uniform as “Keepers of the Spirit”.  The musical and the translation of Corps-lingo has... Read more
Procrastinator’s Guide to Applying for Fish Camp
Part 1: Personal Information Fill out your name and contact information. Don’t stress, you can do it. Try to exaggerate your extracurricular involvement as much as possible. Hopefully you were in a FLO. If you were in a FLO, you are in. It could also really help to mention... Read more
Corps of Cadets: The Musical
In case you may have missed it on Facebook and Twitter, we’re producing Corps of Cadets: The Musical this spring! Looking for a great date idea with your boot-chaser? Or a ‘guys night out’ with your ‘ol lady? Look no further than Corps of Cadets: The Musical, a dazzling, toe-tapping extravaganza.... Read more
BREAKING: Mandatory Corps Enrollment for Class of 2020
In the biggest announcement since the “Lead By Example” halftime card trick, President Young has announced that all incoming freshmen will serve one mandatory year in the Corps of Cadets. Response across campus has been a mixture of excitement, extreme relief, and frightening rage. Brigadier General Joe Ramirez, Commandant... Read more
Honoring Deceased Found to be Great Inconvenience
As students begin to accept that the spring semester is indeed in full swing, the Aggie schedule is moving at full speed. On Tuesday night, Aggies once again gathered in Academic Plaza to honor those students who have passed away, through the sacred and somber tradition of Silver Taps.... Read more
December Graduate Already Complaining About New Army
December Graduate Already Complaining About New Army The Mugdown sat down with recent graduate Chip “Bucky” Reynolds for a Q&A session to discuss the changing culture at Texas A&M.   Mugdown: So, how have things changed at A&M since you graduated a few weeks ago? Reynolds: Everything’s different. These... Read more
The Bandwagon Aggie’s Guide to Basketball
The Bandwagon Aggie’s Guide to Basketball There you have it, Ags. The Texas A&M Men’s Basketball team finally cracked (then uncracked) the Top 5 in this week’s AP and Coaches Poll, marking their highest position in school history. This means one thing and one thing only: We are a... Read more