Northgate Bars to Hand out Relationship Status Bracelets
All bars on Northgate have announced that they will begin handing out color-coded bracelets for patrons to display relationship statuses that will help minimize awkward social interactions. “This is going to be a game changer,” said frequent Northgate patron Chad Williams. “I try to only hit on girls that... Read more
Students in Long Term Relationships Defer Commitment Issues to Senior Year
Junior finance major Braxton Bolton and junior petroleum engineering major Rachel Descartes have been dating since freshman year. They met at a party between their two FLOs and ended up dating soon after. Both are well liked, athletic, and high achieving, and most people think the relationship is destined... Read more
Freshmen Heartbroken when First College Crush Isn’t Future Spouse
Every fall, many newly-single freshmen enter Texas A&M declaring their independence and commitment to remaining single for the foreseeable future. After some time of friend making and FLO mingling, freshmen inevitably pair off in precisely the manner they swore against. In a matter of weeks, these pseudo-couples go from... Read more Networking at its Finest
Mays Business School is affectionately known by students and alumni alike as the crown jewel of West Campus, arguably even of all campus. As junior Marketing major, Dee Roberts puts it, “Mays is the pinnacle of greek life- banner holding is at a minimum and who you know affects... Read more
New Howdy Online to Incorporate Dating Feature
Aggies will soon have a new way to meet. In January, Texas A&M Information Technology announced the development of an updated version of “Howdy,” Texas A&M’s official online portal used for accessing grades, eCampus, transcripts, and more.  Texas A&M IT is offering students an opportunity to test out the... Read more
Sorority Adopts New Ritual for Ring Pass
Perhaps the oldest and most unique tradition the members of any sorority will experience is “Ring Pass”. This ceremony is traditionally held when a sister in the chapter gets engaged, and it serves as a time to share in the excitement and joy that comes with finding one’s soulmate.... Read more
Find Your Aggie Spouse Now Before It’s Too Late
The spring semester is rapidly approaching a close, fellow students.  If you have already missed the “ring before spring” deadline, it is time you got with the program.  If you are a graduating senior, this is especially imperative. How can you be even thinking about graduation if you have... Read more