15 Gifs to Help You Procrastinate Studying for Finals
This is what you’re supposed to be doing right now. . But sometimes you’d rather just take a nap than study. . Sometimes you’d rather just give up. . All you want to do is go out and play. . Your “responsible” friends try to motivate you. . But... Read more
Excess Dining Dollars Cause Campus to Break Out in Polite Fights
Several verbal arguments have broken out over the past week between students in line to pay for food at campus eateries. With the semester ending in nine days, many students are in a panic to spend the last of their dining dollars on campus. Students have been seen at... Read more
The Importance of Finding an Outlet
Where one gets plugged-in on campus can determine their social standing. Similar to high school except that most high schools do not let students bring their laptops to class. So, there are no experts here. In the age of e-Campus, web portals, and cloud storage, one would be completely... Read more
Potluck Roommate Finds More Pot Than Luck
The largest campus police action on record was carried out early Friday morning in a joint effort of College Station Police Department and TAMU Campus police outside of Schumacher Hall. Fergus Jane, a freshman horticulture major from Boulder, Colorado, is being held on various drug charges. The call to... Read more
Engineering Rivalries Climax, Tribal Warfare Ensues
Riots broke out early Wednesday morning, April 16, on the eastern side of campus where engineering students primarily have class. These riots were the explosive result of a recent strain of vehement arguments the students have had over whose course load is the most stressful. Engineering students from all... Read more
Fish Camp Leaders Raise Facial Piercing Requirement
Fish Camp. Every aggie’s first tradition. Whether it’s the luxurious dining of Lakeview Methodist Conference Center, hours of bellowing both real and imaginary yells, or awkwardly grinding with your DG leader and future classmates to Ke$ha’s “Die Young” – every Aggie holds fond memories of their first adventure into... Read more
Division of Student Affairs Trials “Express Entry” Pass for MSC and Commons
Citing student setbacks caused by overcrowding at entrances to the Memorial Student Center and Commons buildings, Lt. Gen. Joe Weber, Vice President for Student Affairs, and his staff have been reviewing various solutions to mitigate delays. “Student Organizations play a very important role in student life and campus identity,... Read more
The 15 Dunks That You Will Definitely Be Invited To
So, it’s Ring Day tomorrow and odds are your Facebook event invitations list is filled to the brim with pun-filled Ring Dunk invites from all your buds. We found the best 15 Ring Dunks going down this weekend and you better make all of them – or at yeast... Read more
Student Starts Fraternity Run On Monarchy. Declares Himself “King of the Frat”
So long as there is a head, a student organization is free to structure itself however it sees fit. Few realize just how much freedom Texas A&M’s Department of Student Activities actually allows, better than his grace, Jeffrey of the House Bartison, King of the Pledges and the Frat... Read more
The Marooner’s Map
Late one night, we snuck into the forbidden section of the Cushing Memorial Library. In there. we found a staggering amount of scandalous items. Preserved neatly were about 30 KKK robes, the constitution of the True Texans/ the Stikas, and the recipe to Sbisa’s cookies. But, there was one... Read more