DIY TRICK or Treat, but mostly Trick DIY TRICK or Treat, but mostly Trick
Alright Ags, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The best part of Halloween is not pretending to be someone new... DIY TRICK or Treat, but mostly Trick

Alright Ags, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The best part of Halloween is not pretending to be someone new for a night; no judgement here, even if you are the slutty campus squirrel. Here is the spooky, secrety secret you have all been dying to hear- the greatest thing about Halloween is pranking the ever livin’, ever lovin’, compound, complex hell outta your friends and random innocent strangers.

With that being said, here is your go-to guide of simple “tricks” the whole Aggie Family will enjoy.

  1. Drop a pumpkin on your friend’s windshield.

Pumpkin SmashStep 1: Drive your own car to a pumpkin patch.

Step 2. Take basic photos in the patch with your greatest pals.

Step 3: Post said photos on insta with the tag, #justprankythings.

Step 4: Buy a pumpkin and throw it on your best- or least-liked friend’s windshield.

Step 5: Make sure there is a nice huge crack in it. If there is not, try this technique until a crack appears.

Haha. Funny. Everyone has a good laugh.


  1. Pull the fire alarm in the MSC in your favorite costume.
Rev's Costume

Credit: TAMU Campus Tour (of terror)

Step 1: Buy a costume that will ensure your identity is kept secret. Some ideas may include (but are not limited to) a crayon or E. King Gill.

Step 2: Get a personal fitness trainer at the Rec to teach you the perfect sprint technique.

Step 3: Put on costume and run into the Memorial Student Center with your newfound athleticism, pull the alarm, and get out.

Step 4: Avoid the segway AND bike cops. They may have wheels, but your training at the Rec will be of utmost importance here in avoiding a lifetime of orange jumpsuits.


  1. Release hundreds of spiders in your friend’s car air vents.

SpiderzStep 1: Get a spider guy. Or man, whichever you prefer.

Step 2: Dress in all black and sneakily swipe your friend’s car keys.

Step 3: In the dead of night, ninja roll to the car and unleash the cute little critters.

Step 4: Make sure they are driving when their fun new friends make an appearance.

Haha how spooky.


  1. Remove your friend as a student at Texas A&M

HackerzStep 1: Get your pal’s UIN.

Step 2: Log into their Howdy portal. The honor code is just a strong suggestion.

Step 3: Go to their ‘Record’ and drop them from Texas A&M.

Bing bang boom. They’ll never see it coming. Y’all will have a good chuckle when they cannot return in the spring.


  1. Not-So-Invisible Ink Trick

InkzThis is a great one for strangers and is cost-friendly too! All you will need is a jar of defective invisible ink and the Wehner High dress uniform.

Step 1: Find stranger in business brofessional. Helpful Spooky Hint: Try this in Wehner. People usually dress up there for no apparent reason.

Step 2: Make sure you are inconspicuous in your Wehner apparel as well, which conveniently transforms into your NG outfit for later.

Step 3: Once you have found a target, approach said individual with the determination of Lady Rev as she runs across the field before each game. All hail the queen. Make sure your jar of ink is open and ready to go.

Step 4: Throw the ink and blend into the chaos that is walking in Wehner. No one knows up from down in that sea of pant-suited people so just act confused.


  1. Become a Vampire

Credit: TAMU Campus Tour (of terror)

Step 1: Go to the Rec.

Step 2: Get bit by a bat.

Step 3: Do not attend to it and get rabies.

Lesser known fact- the final phase of rabies is transforming into a vampire.

Bam, no more garlic for you and you’re a scary Edward for Halloween.


There ya have it, Ags- go and Trick O’ Treat Yo’self to some good old fashioned shenanigans this Halloween.


-Metta World Pizza


Metta World Pizza

Pizza—it makes the world go ‘round. You could say that Metta likes to travel. You could say that, but that would be a lie. He just likes to sit at home and eat pizza and watch basketball, actually. Here at The Mugdown, we pride ourselves on a writer staff with a diverse background, which means that we even have a representation of that minority at A&M that likes basketball more than football. You’re welcome. On the other hand, everyone likes pizza, so Metta World Pizza is quite the all-star.

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