Hug an Aggie Athlete Day Hug an Aggie Athlete Day
Starting guard for Texas A&M Men’s Basketball Team, Danuel House, recently suffered a serious injury while walking across campus. A fracture to his ankle... Hug an Aggie Athlete Day

Starting guard for Texas A&M Men’s Basketball Team, Danuel House, recently suffered a serious injury while walking across campus. A fracture to his ankle was caused by an awkward run-in where a student he was approaching stepped to the same side of the sidewalk as he did. House describes the incident in the following:

“We were stuck in this awkward dance trying to get around one another when he pulled a juke-right, spin-left move out of nowhere. My natural basketball instinct kicked in and I actually tried to guard him. The next thing I knew I was on the ground of Military Walk with my ankle throbbing.”

After receiving quality care from the medical experts at Beutel, it was determined that, in fact, House had sustained a hairline fracture to the medial malleolus of his left fibula.


“I used to roll my eyes when I saw athletes being driven around campus on golf carts like royalty,” said Andrew Boskreig, the student who caused the incident, “but after being personally responsible for the injury of a pedestrian athlete, I realize the true risks they are putting on themselves and their team each day by walking to class.”

After the realization that a key player would be out for most of the offseason, Texas A&M men’s basketball coach, Bill Kennedy, began a petition to provide more golf carts to take athletes across campus year-round.

The issue has started a campus wide discussion about university athlete treatment. Chemistry major, Gracie Wilkes recognized the value of the campus pseudo-celebrities and noted the marketing value and revenue they bring to the University.

“Even with the tuition, meal plans, special facilities, personal tutoring, and free products they receive, there are still some day-to-day privileges missing from their lives,” Wilkes said. “The golf carts not only offer athletes protection from the masses, but they help remind students of an athlete’s true position in the student body.  ”

Texas A&M Athletics Director, Eric Hyman, commented on how difficult it is for a university to appreciate and acknowledge the value of one of their players. Though Hyman spearheaded the $450 million Kyle Field redevelopment project, he still feels the shrine, which is only used seven times a year, falls short of the true glory of the athletes he is trying to honor.

“The NCAA makes it hard enough,” said Hyman. “ I am personally looking forward to the day when we can give some of our profit back in the form of a paycheck to the under-recognized heroes of this University. Otherwise all of the money they are making us would just go to undeserving or inconsequential departments of Texas A&M like academic scholarships or cancer research.”

Students of Texas A&M, be sure to thank these silent heroes for their selfless service to their University. Remember that your role models do not get paid for what they do, and with the NCAA’s rules and regulations, they are often not even allowed to celebrate their accomplishments without receiving a penalty. Knowing the physical and emotional hardships of a college athlete, we wanted to do something to show our appreciation for these vital members of the Aggie Family. Would you please join us today, in our first ever “Hug a Aggie Athlete Day.”  Just remember to approach with caution, as these men and women are susceptible to injury, and their bodies are worth more than your entire education.


-Lonely Lighter


Lonely Lighter

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