Coke vs Pepsi

Texas A&M to Transition from Pepsi to Coca-Cola

In a move that has shocked the campus, Texas A&M University Dining has announced that it will be severing ties with PepsiCo. In its place, University administrators have awarded rival company Coca-Cola Bottlers Consolidated the exclusive right to sell products on campus.

The University’s contract with PepsiCo, a multi-year partnership which began July 2010, is set to expire July 27, 2014. As many students have remarked, the contract comes just in time for the University to replace campus dining locations with new Coca-Cola products for the upcoming fall semester.

The new Coca-Cola contract will cover all fountain, can, and bottle drinks distributed on campus. This includes every university dining hall, convenience store, and vending machine, as well as all special events and athletic concessions.

“I am most excited that our newfound relationship with the men and women at Coca-Cola Bottlers is beginning before the completion of our new Kyle Field. Throughout our upcoming seasons, the 12th Man will be proud to enjoy Coca-Cola.” said Texas A&M Vice President for Finance and Administration, B.J. Crain.

While neither the University nor Coca-Cola have currently stated the amount of the official bid, A&M’s Division of Finance and Administration predicts the value to be upwards of $27.5 million. However, they have since redacted the statement disclosing that the exact amount is still being negotiated.

Crain has since announced that the University and Coca-Cola fully intend to come to a reasonable and timely agreement, the details of which will be made public once they are approved.

Beginning at the inauguration of their exclusivity contract in late July, Coca-Cola will now claim rights to be the official soft drink of Texas A&M University.

The administration has called it “the first time in the University’s history where literally no one was upset with the decision…Well, except Pepsi.”

-Honey Bear

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                                   Texas A&M Public Relations


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