Cadets Prohibited from Using Dating Apps
Late January marked another semester briefing for the Corps of Cadets. Cadets made their way into Rudder Auditorium to be reminded of the rules and challenge themselves to stay awake for the next two and a half hours. Those who were still alert half way through the brief would... Read more
MugMatch: The Mugdown’s Newest Dating Service
Are you a senior with boots who doesn’t have plans on Valentine’s Day? Or are you an underclassman who still hasn’t found a new significant other after that long-distance break-up with your high school sweetheart? If you’re an Aggie looking for a date, then the Mugdown has a solution... Read more
You Won’t Believe Why This Guy Chose to Go to A&M
1. It made the most sense economically. 2. It is top-ranked for his chosen field of study. 3. It is centrally located between Austin and Houston. 4. He was impressed by the friendliness of the student body. 5. He thinks participating in all the traditions might be fun. 6.... Read more
5 Aggie Sports You Didn’t Know Existed!
Everyone is a huge fan of Aggie sports, but did you know that there are some that students don’t even know about? We here at The Mugdown have compiled a list of five Aggie Sports we guarantee you didn’t know existed! Soccer We get that this is America, so... Read more
5 Accents to Avoid When Selecting a Professor
Here at The Mugdown, we are aware that every student hates showing up to a class to find out that their professor has an awful, unavoidable accent. “Why wasn’t this listed on RateMyProfessor,” you may ask yourself while you try to find space in another section. Unfortunately, every other... Read more
7 Refreshing Things Professors Find Desirable in Their Students
We may think we know exactly what professors are looking for in their students. But The Mugdown discovered exactly what professors look for in their students. It’s not always the straight-A, on-time pupils that draw a professor’s attention. Sometimes the most random things that students do truly woo their... Read more
Where Are They Now: Texas A&M’s Last Championship Football Team
The last time Aggie Football won a National Championship they went 11-0, including a 20-0 victory over Texas and a Sugar Bowl victory against Tulane. The Mugdown believes their glory should not be left in the past and decided to see what members of the team are doing today.... Read more
7 Prettiest Locations on Campus
1. Lot 100 Do you like long walks on the beach during the summer time? Traveling to and from this iconic location is kind of like that, just much hotter and less photogenic.  2. Blocker Bathrooms Do you need a cubby to hold your crap, while you’re taking one? This is... Read more
According to Corps of Cadets lore, there are only seven hot females in the organization at any one given time. The Mugdown has conducted hard hitting research to determine who those attractive khaki-clad females are, and we have the privilege to share that list with you. This list is... Read more
Student Tries to Hug Reveille, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!
This student spotted the Queen herself on campus and decided to stop her for a picture. Upon posing with a hug, Reveille went to give the unsuspecting undergraduate a kiss. — Longboard of Regents Read more