Geniuses Put Sticky Note Over Laptop Camera, Stop University From Spying on Them
Last semester, the Texas A&M student body found out that their very own university has been trying to crack down on cheaters and ne’er-do-wells by surveilling them through laptop webcams. After learning about the university hacking into their computers and spying on them, many students have been fighting back... Read more
Student Who is “Terrible at Names” Finally Admits to Not Even Really Trying
Kyle Erikson, a senior marketing major, has claimed for years that he is one of the worst at learning names and can only identify people by face. The issue has gotten so bad that when someone tells him their name, Erikson immediately forgets it and has to ask at... Read more
Mays Claims Independence and Tries to Sublease West Campus
The rift between business students and the rest of campus has been growing deeper and deeper in the past couple of years. Now, after watching Catalonia’s attempted secession from Spain, students from Mays Business School and the surrounding areas have decided that now is the time for change. Starting... Read more
Freshman BIMS Major Diagnoses Friend and Saves His Life
Last week, a life was saved. Around 3:14 pm, sophomore Benny Harrington sneezed 3 times in a row in his Biology 111 class. After an unnecessary amount of “Bless you”s, local hero Todd Parsnip leaned over and changed Benny’s life forever. “You know that’s an early sign of conjunctivitis,... Read more