Aggies Celebrate Annual ‘Death Raffle’ Tradition: “It’s What We’ve Always Done”
Despite humanitarian outcry and protest, freshmen students experienced one of Texas A&M’s oldest traditions for the first time Thursday night as the A&M student body celebrated the annual Raffle ceremony at Kyle Field. “It was amazing,” said freshman Jerrod McLaren. “I walked to Kyle with my DG friends. When... Read more
December Graduate Already Complaining About New Army
December Graduate Already Complaining About New Army The Mugdown sat down with recent graduate Chip “Bucky” Reynolds for a Q&A session to discuss the changing culture at Texas A&M.   Mugdown: So, how have things changed at A&M since you graduated a few weeks ago? Reynolds: Everything’s different. These... Read more
Freshman Angered by Lack of Wildcatting in Math Class
As one of the many freshmen indoctrinated at Fish Camp, Agricultural Leadership major, Andrew Saenz, came to Texas A&M University with an unmatched enthusiasm for school traditions. Saenz, a first generation Aggie and self-proclaimed redass, recently had to face the difficult reality of underwhelming student spirit in his Math... Read more
Maroon Out Still Relevant
The Maroon Out game: the one tradition the Corps of Cadets can never get right. This year, Aggies will once again flood into Kyle Field in a monochromatic ocean that can only be experienced at the Maroon Out game, or at any other home game. Every year,  Maroon Out... Read more
Texas A&M Student Files for Emancipation from Aggie Family
On Wednesday, Tom Roberts filed a petition for emancipation from the Aggie family. His petition was received by the Brazos County District Court, and a ruling is expected to be given within the next few weeks. “I enrolled at Texas A&M because of its outstanding Engineering program and nationally... Read more
Boyfriend Brings Cheating Girlfriend to Honor Council
Last week, sophomore chemical engineering major Sam Cookley brought his unsuspecting girlfriend before the Aggie Honor Council to accuse her of cheating on him. Cookley brought forward screenshots of text messages between his girlfriend, Emily Koberson, and someone saved in her phone as “Jacob – bio lab” as evidence.... Read more
Howdy Prompts Existential Crisis
Sophomore Jacob Evans was just a “regular, carefree student” until yesterday, according to his roommates. Early Tuesday afternoon, Evans instinctively responded “Howdy” to a friend as they passed in the hallway of Blocker after class. Suddenly realizing the implications of his actions, Evans began to question the very nature... Read more
Best Friends Accidentally Walk under Century Tree Together, Now Gay
In a strange twist of fate, two Texas A&M students became gay today after walking, and then eventually prancing, under the century tree together. The students, Marcus Gladden and Tanner Elliott, have been friends since high school, and they say the event was an accident. “We were pretty late... Read more
Sully Goes Bankrupt, “Living on Pennies a Day”
There is no tradition more famous here in Aggieland than that of leaving one’s spare change at the feet of arguably the most progressive president this university has ever seen. However, the widely known A&M tradition has left this Aggie Icon on the streets. It was discovered late Saturday... Read more
Portable Fish Pond to Hit the Road Next Season
With the 2014 Texas A&M football season coming to a close, many Aggie fans are looking forward to a promising fresh start—one equipped with a new defensive coordinator, a fully renovated Kyle Field, and the number one high school quarterback recruit in the nation–which all serve to indicate great... Read more