Professor’s Accent Forces Student to Skip Class and Not Study
This morning, Jim Lovett, an equestrian math major at Texas A&M, picked up a stack of Q-drop forms after receiving his first round of exam grades. Lovett claimed that his professor’s “unintelligible” foreign accent was to blame for his subpar test scores. The Mugdown met up with Lovett last... Read more
Student with Truck Helps Friend Move, Justifying 5 Years of Truck Ownership
Chad Adams, an Economics student at Texas A&M and proud pickup truck owner since 2011, has been anticipating an opportunity to use his truck to haul something ever since he bought it.  After spending $40,000 on his Chevy Silverado—and $15,000 more modifying it—he expressed his excitement about an opportunity... Read more
Student’s Vote Not Counted After He Forgets to Post a Picture to Social Media
Last Thursday, Toby Brewer, a Junior Economics student at Texas A&M, got out of bed early to fulfill his civic duty and cast his vote. After waiting in line and completing his ballot, he placed his “I voted” sticker on his backpack and went on his way. This morning,... Read more