MUGD 121: Fundamentals of Aggie Social Media
  FUNDAMENTALS OF AGGIE SOCIAL MEDIA MUGD 121 FALL 2017 Office Hours: Doesn’t matter, we’ll never be there anyway. COURSE TITLE: Fundamentals of Social Media at Texas A&M University PREREQUISITES: Accounts on the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. OBJECTIVES: Demonstrate proficiency of selected competencies across platforms.... Read more
A&M Allows Concealed Carry of Test Answers
Texas A&M will now permit students to use notes, cheat sheets, textbooks or any other form of assistance during tests. The new rule, which took effect on January 1,  is in accordance with a Texas Senate bill that requires universities to allow students to carry test answers with them... Read more
Syllabus Views Spike as Students Calculate Minimum Required Grades
Students all across campus are turning to their syllabi, searching for a glimmer of hope. Rick Thornbody, freshman engineering major and battle-hardened student, said college has changed him. “We laughed at the syllabus back then,” Thornbody said, with a harrowing look in his eyes. “Those were happier days. Freshly... Read more
LLAC: How to Not Be a Total Freshman
The Lonely Lighter Advice Column on: How to Not Be a Total Freshman Hey Lonely, I’m a freshman here at Texas A&M, but I keep hearing everyone talk about how annoying and oblivious freshmen are. I don’t want to be “that freshman”.  How does a fish hide that he’s... Read more
Student Actually Reads Syllabus
College Station, TX – In a twist of events that surprised even the professor himself, it appears that a student in his Introduction to Accounting class has read the syllabus. Despite requiring this mundane assignment every year, this is the first time on record that a student has in... Read more