Student Senate Targets FLO
Texas A&M University and the student body have faced many problems and controversies in the last year, from on-campus concealed carry to recent acts of racism, and many are wondering what can be done. Student Senate has been hard at work coming up with the solution that will hopefully... Read more
Local Student Now Responsible Enough for Pet
Local College Station student, Dee Reynolds, has declared to her friends on social media that she is now responsible enough to have a pet of her own.  Her small, rapidly constructed student apartment with no yard will be the perfect home for her new best friend. As a child... Read more
The Mugdown Endorses for SBP!
It’s the magical time of year once again: Campus Election Season. When students flock to the online polls to cast their vote in support of their favorite candidate to obtain what some perceive as the highest seat in the land. The individual that proves him or herself the most... Read more
The Mugdown’s Guide to the 2016 Elections
The Mugdown Presents: Guide To The 2016 Elections The smell of apple pie is in the air, puppies are wagging their tails, and baseball is back, which can only mean one thing. It is time once again for that part of the year when we exercise the one freedom... Read more
Racism Doesn’t Exist Anymore, Claims Asshole
Bryan Salinger, a local idiot, believes that racism is a thing of the past. “No one is really racist anymore,” Salinger said, surprising this reporter by having the brain capacity to speak. “Sure there’s been some controversy or whatever recently, police shooting people or something. But those guys were... Read more
Student Yelling Racial Slurs Inconveniences Those Nearby
David Luwin, a sophomore International Studies major, was rudely awoken from his midday nap Wednesday by a Texas A&M student yelling racial insults at a group of high schoolers. Luwin said he was so enraged that he almost said something. “Sure, campus is a social place,” Luwin said. “But... Read more
Student Shot, Father Saves on Tuition
One Aggie parent is taking an early retirement after a shooter on Texas A&M’s campus killed four and injured three others. Kevin Guttman, father of deceased student Jerod Guttman, is looking forward to spending the money that would have otherwise gone to his son’s education. Guttman said his son’s... Read more
Student Fails Personality Test
Freshman general studies student Jenn Dole has no personality. Sarah Chandlers, a researcher in the college of psychology, confirmed the news earlier this week. “To the casual observer, Ms. Dole seems like anyone else,” Chandlers said. “But under scrutiny her lack of personality is obvious. Ms. Dole exhibits very... Read more
Too Many Students Says 6th Year Senior
Overcrowding at Texas A&M has been taking a toll. Students can no longer comfortably register for classes or park in Lot 100, and worst of all it is nearly impossible to sit alone in campus dining facilities. Students blame the administration for bringing in larger and larger freshman classes... Read more