MUGD 121: Fundamentals of Aggie Social Media
  FUNDAMENTALS OF AGGIE SOCIAL MEDIA MUGD 121 FALL 2017 Office Hours: Doesn’t matter, we’ll never be there anyway. COURSE TITLE: Fundamentals of Social Media at Texas A&M University PREREQUISITES: Accounts on the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. OBJECTIVES: Demonstrate proficiency of selected competencies across platforms.... Read more
GroupMe App Announces Shutdown, Student Organizations Follow
No Smartphone app has done more to increase communication, productivity, and data overage charges than GroupMe, the multi-person messaging app widely used among college students. However, in a recent press release, GroupMe announced that the application will soon shut down. Following this announcement, faculty and staff of the Texas... Read more
TAMU Follow Train Derails, Hundreds Forced to Make Real Friends
After a devastating train wreck in Hearne last week, many new students are finding themselves having difficulty making connections. The latest addition to the long and storied list of Aggie traditions, the TAMU Follow Train (hashtag optional), provides students of Texas A&M an easy and fast way to make... Read more
Social Media Philanthropist to Donate Likes to Those in Need
Last week, Sarah Walker, sophomore communications major, shocked the world when it was discovered that her profile picture on Facebook had reached 13,459 likes. With the number still rising, Walker would like to thank her family, sorority, FLO, student council committee, Dance Arts Society, Century Singers, The Big Event,... Read more