Bagel Theft Prompts Chartwells to Hire Security Guards for On-Campus Dining Halls
It is a common practice amongst Texas A&M students to take food out of the dining halls across campus. Whether students are in a rush or just want to save a bit for later, swiping a little extra food has been common practice since the university began serving meals... Read more
Chartwells Introduces New Feedback Program to Ignore Negative Reviews
Every day, over 50,000 students attend classes at Texas A&M University. With such a large student body, the university trusts only one catering service to provide nutrition to their students: Chartwells. The factor that truly sets Chartwells apart from the competition, aside from their promise “to nourish the bodies,... Read more
18 Buildings on Campus That We Literally Can’t Even
Heldenfels Hall Too many stairs. I literally can’t even.   Rudder Tower So tall! I didn’t know we could have buildings over four stories! I literally can’t even!   Memorial Student Center Never. Any. Seats. Nah, it’s cool. I don’t mind eating my Panda on the floor like an... Read more