Letter to the Editor: Where are the Gay People At?
Dear Editor, Hey, Mugdown. I was just wondering… where are all the gay people at? I mean, not that I’m gay or anything. I’m not interested in guys or anything, but I would like to know how to connect with one. I keep going to Halo, but I can’t... Read more
First Year Language Student becomes Master Linguist
On Monday of this week, sophomore-by-hours student Alec Reagan Douglas unraveled the secret that has plagued linguists for centuries: the pronunciation of the language Latin. Douglas started out this semester in French 101, but soon found it to be beneath him. While attending the first class he quickly conquered the... Read more
Computer Science Department to Build Skynet
Yesterday, the computer science department announced its plan to construct a real life Skynet equivalent. The sole purpose of this machine will be the eradication of mankind, or at least that’s the plan. Professor Con Johner is heading up the endeavour and claims it to be the loftiest goal... Read more
Aggie Conservatives Guard Century Tree from LGBT
For Aggies looking to propose, there are few places more romantic than the Century Tree. It’s massive size and arching branches make it a scenic locale, and the long standing tradition surrounding it make the Century Tree the destination of choice for Aggies to get engaged. Not all couples,... Read more
Aggies attending the football game this weekend witnessed a special treat: the Rice Middle School improv group, affectionately nicknamed The MOB. As the Rice Middle School Band performed at halftime, the improv group was allowed to join their classmates on the field to perform a small skit they put... Read more
Engineering Rivalries Climax, Tribal Warfare Ensues
Riots broke out early Wednesday morning, April 16, on the eastern side of campus where engineering students primarily have class. These riots were the explosive result of a recent strain of vehement arguments the students have had over whose course load is the most stressful. Engineering students from all... Read more