A&M Student Comes out as Having Openly Gay Roommate
Things were going well at dinner with his parents for junior political science major Ralph Gutierrez on Sunday until he let a nugget of personal information slip: one of his roommates this year is openly gay. His parents didn’t sleep that evening, the owner of the Days Inn on... Read more
Roommate Finds Life’s Purpose in Hating Your Boyfriend
The roommate. An odd, inert creature who passive-aggressively shares living quarters with you. This interesting specimen of the human race is known to have several different forms, each as baffling as the next. For a majority of her time, the roommate can be found prone on the couch in... Read more
Student with Truck Helps Friend Move, Justifying 5 Years of Truck Ownership
Chad Adams, an Economics student at Texas A&M and proud pickup truck owner since 2011, has been anticipating an opportunity to use his truck to haul something ever since he bought it.  After spending $40,000 on his Chevy Silverado—and $15,000 more modifying it—he expressed his excitement about an opportunity... Read more
Roommate’s Passive Aggression Miraculously Works
Upon returning to her apartment after her final class of the week, local student Vartika Singh was taken aback by the radical transformation that had occurred within her living space. Singh had been working tirelessly since the second week of the semester to admonish and correct the lazy behavior... Read more
Potluck Roommate Finds More Pot Than Luck
The largest campus police action on record was carried out early Friday morning in a joint effort of College Station Police Department and TAMU Campus police outside of Schumacher Hall. Fergus Jane, a freshman horticulture major from Boulder, Colorado, is being held on various drug charges. The call to... Read more