Ancient Artifacts Suggest Long-Forgotten Thanksgiving Conflict Between A&M and UT
On Tuesday afternoon, Texas A&M archaeologists announced the discovery of ancient artifacts that suggest some sort of ritualistic Thanksgiving conflict between A&M and The University of Texas. The new findings, as reported by Dr. Ted Goebel, contradict the strongly-held administrative belief that A&M and UT are not rivals, and... Read more
Baylor Senior Notices Aggie Friend Also Received ‘Class Ring’
Chad Bucko, a senior philosophy major at Baylor University, visited home over the past weekend. Like the football team, Bucko decided not to make the trip out to Kansas State. Bucko made plans to meet with his high school friend, Texas A&M senior finance major Phil Gutry, back at... Read more
Goodbull Files for Official Rivalry with Batt
In a bold but expected move, The Goodbull Newspaper filed all the necessary paperwork with the University Wednesday to become the official rival of the Battalion newspaper. Editor-in-chief, Lauren Felder, told the Mugdown that the decision was made after a lot of careful thought and several trips to Northgate.... Read more