Drunk Mom Caught With Fake ID on Northgate
Aggie Ring weekend fills College Station with excitement, exponentially-increased alcohol sales, and an uncomfortable amount of parents. This past Friday, 2,800 Aggies received their coveted piece of gold, bringing well over 5,000 parents to campus. While some families only stick around for the 30 second ring presentation and two... Read more
Senior Gets Aggie Ring, Still Can’t Secure Job
Senior management major John Francis could not have been more excited to receive his Aggie Ring on Friday’s Ring Day. Although he cannot avert his loving gaze from his new piece of gold, Francis has found that it is not everything he expected. He spent the week before Ring... Read more
Students Dunk Rings in Massive Piles of Cocaine
For decades, students at Texas A&M have been participating in ring dunks. The way a ring dunk looks has evolved over the years, but the spirit behind the tradition has remained the same. These days, most students opt to dunk their ring from the bottom of a giant pile... Read more
New App Seeks to Be Uber of Maid Service
Students are excited for the new app coming to College Station this semester: ChoreWhores. ChoreWhores allows a college student to request a maid any time of the day to clean their house for a small fee. Cleaning services include organizing the house, doing dishes, taking out trash, sweeping, mopping,... Read more
TRAFFIC ALERT: Road Closures for Ring Day Photo Space, Traffic Control
Last April, over 5,000 Texas A&M students received their Aggie Ring, a supposed ticket to post-graduation success. The next Aggie Ring Day is this Friday, September 16, and is expected to bring more students and family members than ever before. Due to this sacred event, College Station will roughly... Read more
The 15 Dunks That You Will Definitely Be Invited To
So, it’s Ring Day tomorrow and odds are your Facebook event invitations list is filled to the brim with pun-filled Ring Dunk invites from all your buds. We found the best 15 Ring Dunks going down this weekend and you better make all of them – or at yeast... Read more
Sunday Comic – Ring Day – 4/6/2014
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