Ignorant Student Mistakes Lecturer for Professor
Tensions have been growing among faculty members at Texas A&M after a student made a reckless mistake this week while addressing her teacher. Freshman accounting major Jamie Walsh found herself in an uncomfortable situation after she sent an email to her ACCT 229 lecturer that began “Dear Professor Shaw.”... Read more
Bumbling Doofus of Professor Makes Mistake on Whiteboard
Tragedy struck a Texas A&M classroom yesterday afternoon when ECEN 214 professor Dr. Samuel Miller accidentally wrote “12 A” instead of “-12 A” while solving a problem in his lecture. “There was a huge uproar,” said sophomore electrical engineering student Leola Jackson. “I thought there was going to be... Read more
Professor of Religious Studies Encourages Students to “Put the X Back in X-mas”
You may be hearing a new rally cry throughout campus this holiday season. Instead of the normal “Keep Christ in Christmas,” Dr. Jim Nail,  Professor of Religious Studies, is encouraging his students to “put the X back in X-mas.” Following Thanksgiving break, students have been heard complaining about the... Read more