Student Spends 45 Minutes Browsing Netflix, Forced to Microwave Food Again
Communications major and major loser Justin Sedgewit sunk to new depths of self-depravity last week when he spent too long browsing Netflix and had to make a second walk of shame to the microwave. “I don’t know what to say,” said Sedgewit. So he didn’t. Sedgewit’s roommate, Brian Classeris,... Read more
Student Honest About Doing Absolutely Nothing Over Break
Winter break can be an exciting and busy time for many students attending Texas A&M. There are brief study abroad trips, old high school friends to see, résumés to be updated, minimesters to sob over, et cetera. For most students, it is a time of peace without the burden... Read more
Procrastinator’s Guide to Applying for Fish Camp
Part 1: Personal Information Fill out your name and contact information. Don’t stress, you can do it. Try to exaggerate your extracurricular involvement as much as possible. Hopefully you were in a FLO. If you were in a FLO, you are in. It could also really help to mention... Read more