Vandalism of the Aggie Ring plaza was discovered earlier this week, bringing to light vulgar comments that the Association building namesake Clayton Williams Jr. made about rape in 1990. Eager for comment on the situation, The Mugdown visited the offices of University President Michael Young only to discover that... Read more
Donald Trump Explains Texas Colleges
In an exclusive interview with The Mugdown, we asked Donald Trump to describe the various high-quality universities in Texas. To our shock, Trump had an extensive and impressive knowledge of this state’s collegiate systems that supersedes anything a Texan could ever think or imagine. After a few questions, Trump... Read more
The Mugdown Endorses for SBP!
It’s the magical time of year once again: Campus Election Season. When students flock to the online polls to cast their vote in support of their favorite candidate to obtain what some perceive as the highest seat in the land. The individual that proves him or herself the most... Read more
The Mugdown’s Guide to the 2016 Elections
The Mugdown Presents: Guide To The 2016 Elections The smell of apple pie is in the air, puppies are wagging their tails, and baseball is back, which can only mean one thing. It is time once again for that part of the year when we exercise the one freedom... Read more
The Mugdown Lowdown: How to A&M, A Guide for Our New President
Dr. Young, We first wanted to congratulate you on officially putting on the A&M hat and signing as this University’s next President. We at The Mugdown understand that you are new to Aggieland and decided to dedicate this Mugdown Low-Down (MDLD) to help you—and other new faculty and staff—understand... Read more
Yell Leaders Tormented by the Spirit of Aggieland
“There is a Spirit that can ne’er be told” A popular lyric that can be found on t-shirts and Twitter bios, these words stem from the second verse of Texas A&M’s alma mater, The Spirit of Aggieland. The song boasts of a prowess bold and a school that is... Read more