Girl Marks Herself “Safe” After Fraternity Party
This past week, many have fallen victim to a torrent of fraternity parties throughout the Bryan/College Station area. Women participating in the events without the excuse of sorority recruitment have faced some of the most extreme, devastating, and deafening frat parties in almost nine years. Mallory Halep, sophomore communications... Read more
Mugdown Lowdown: How to Have the Perfect 21st Birthday
It is a well known fact that the most important day in any young Aggie’s life is the day they turn 21— Ring Day and graduation pale in comparison to the feeling of being able to legally consume alcohol. It is only right that such a monumental event is... Read more
Charitable Organization to Aid College Station Party Scene

Inspired by the convenience and practicality of the Career Closet, one student has used this ingenious convenience to tackle an on-the-rise issue in College Station— the lack of appropriate outfits for the many themed parties the average student attends during college.

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Gig’ Em Week: A Freshman’s First Taste of Responsibility

It did not take long for the class of 2020 to discover the true nature of Gig ‘em Week— a weeklong bender starting on Tuesday evening and concluding early Monday morning. Northgate pregames and off-campus parties have filled the schedules of these first-time college students.

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Engineering Major Unsure if Everyone at Party Knows He’s an Engineering Major
Freshman general engineering major David Chapman glanced around the house party nervously as he refilled his drink, looking for anyone he had not yet introduced himself to. “My time is valuable,” said Chapman. “Everyone here needs to know that there is so much schoolwork I could be doing right... Read more
#ClubAnnex: Library Rave at Texas A&M
Did we mention we hosted #ClubAnnex? The video recap of our rave in the library is LIVE!   Video edited by Honey Bear Follow @BigOldHoneyBear Follow @Mugdown Follow @ClubAnnexTAMU Read more