Drunk Mom Caught With Fake ID on Northgate
Aggie Ring weekend fills College Station with excitement, exponentially-increased alcohol sales, and an uncomfortable amount of parents. This past Friday, 2,800 Aggies received their coveted piece of gold, bringing well over 5,000 parents to campus. While some families only stick around for the 30 second ring presentation and two... Read more
Thousands of Freshmen Orphaned After Abandoned by DG Parents
Over the past week, it has become nearly impossible to travel between any two buildings on campus without hearing the wails of the Fish Camp Orphans. After two months, Fish Camp mandatory continuity events have ended. Counselors have begun the “Great Exodus,” leaving their freshmen behind to spend their... Read more
A&M Drops Alcohol Education, Deemed Parent’s Responsibility
In response to questions about the university’s responsibility in alcohol education, Texas A&M announced in an email Tuesday that alcohol education will cease to be a part of Fish Camp and New Student Conferences. Many have argued that informing students of the dangers of alcohol and demonstrating responsible consumption... Read more