Christian Bubble Women’s Pageant Held at Wolf Pen Creek
With their formal fast approaching, the members of a certain Christian men’s organization (that asked to remain unnamed) have been scrambling to find the perfect dates. “It’s a complicated situation that rolls around every April,” says one junior member. “There are a lot of girls in the Christian Bubble,... Read more
Student Senate Targets FLO
Texas A&M University and the student body have faced many problems and controversies in the last year, from on-campus concealed carry to recent acts of racism, and many are wondering what can be done. Student Senate has been hard at work coming up with the solution that will hopefully... Read more
Women’s Organizations: An Economic Analysis
With the introduction of Maggies in 1999, Texas A&M created a new segment in the StuAct Market.  The Maggies held a monopoly on membership for over a decade until the formation of the Aggie Belles in 2012.  Competition in the industry was minor and both saw growth.  A shortage... Read more
Aggie Bootchasers: A&M’s Newest Women’s Organization
The Aggie Bootchasers, founded by women looking to create a sisterhood between those who claim to support the Corps of Cadets the most, recently made their debut on campus. Founder and president of Bootchasers, Jessica Harwood, started the organization after realizing how hard it was to date a member of... Read more
A&M to Add Seventh Core Value: Involvement
Texas A&M prides itself on students exemplifying the University’s traditional six core values — Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service. Wednesday morning, the Board of Regents made an important addition to this list— Involvement. “Many of our students give top priority to participation in some of our... Read more
Organization Sees Spike in Participation When Calling App Process “Rush”
REBECCAS, an up and coming women’s organization with the unique goal of incorporating sisterhood, service, and philanthropy into a myriad of socials and theme parties, has made some recent changes to increase applicants, and therefore diversity (of costume ideas for mixers). Though the organization accepts all applicants who are... Read more
Texas A&M to Welcome JLO to Campus
At Texas A&M, it is easy for students to find themselves overwhelmed by the vast number of student organizations and opportunities for involvement.  So much so, in fact, that a group of juniors has started their own organization to help fellow third-year students with the transition from their sophomore... Read more