The True Cost of Songfest: A Mugdown Investigation
The Mugdown sends a journalist headfirst into the world of Chi Omega’s Songfest, Texas A&M’s largest philanthropy event, only to discover a system built almost entirely on social obligation. To read this story, click here. Read more
Reckless Moron Thinks It’s Okay to Bike on Sidewalks
Anger and discontent permeated campus on Wednesday morning as reckless moron Ricky Pflieger decided to ride his bicycle through a crowded sidewalk clearly designed for foot traffic. Pflieger, a sophomore communications major and inconsiderate jerk, defended the action. “The sidewalks are just so crowded and the buses are slow... Read more
Heroic Bus Driver Delivers Students To Their 8:15 a.m. Classes Right On Time
Texas A&M Transportation Services recognized Ed Martinez, a campus bus driver with nearly three years of experience, with the Spirit of the Aggie Spirit award early Monday morning after heroically delivering students to their 8:15 a.m. classes perfectly on-time. “Ed Martinez is being recognized today for going above and... Read more
MUGD 121: Fundamentals of Aggie Social Media
  FUNDAMENTALS OF AGGIE SOCIAL MEDIA MUGD 121 FALL 2017 Office Hours: Doesn’t matter, we’ll never be there anyway. COURSE TITLE: Fundamentals of Social Media at Texas A&M University PREREQUISITES: Accounts on the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. OBJECTIVES: Demonstrate proficiency of selected competencies across platforms.... Read more
Corps Secret Police Hunts for Resistance Leaders
The Quad is in a state of alarm in response to the Commandant’s secret police tightening control on the Corps of Cadets on Tuesday evening. All points of entry to the Quad have been sealed, leaving one remaining entry—complete with a checkpoint—at the arches for those trying to enter. Reveille is... Read more
Mugdown Lowdown: How to Become Student Body President
A version of this article was first published in the August 2016 print edition of The Mugdown. So you want to be Student Body President, huh? Most students are asking themselves questions like “Can I wash my maroons with my whites?” or “How many days can I safely go without... Read more
7 Ways to Show Your Friends You Are Not a White Supremacist Today
Many look at their day today and find their social calendar—as well as their social-activist calendar—filled to the brim with potential ways to spend the evening. Check out our top 7 ways for you to show your friends how totally not racist you are! No. 1 Aggies United Attend... Read more
Inside the Puppet Government of the Corps of Cadets
We bring you an inside look at the quiet takeover of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. An Exclusive Investigation by The Mugdown. “Gentlemen, I’m sure you understand why I had to call this meeting.” Six men gathered around a conference table on a Sunday evening in August.... Read more
MSC, Rudder Among Buildings to be Renamed

The Board of Regents at Texas A&M plan to rename some of campus’s landmark buildings, including the Memorial Student Center, Rudder Tower and Theater Complex, and Academic Building, a decision many are describing as another example of the growing divide between current and former students and the administration.

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What You Missed: Corps Policy Updates

In case you happen to be a non-reg not required to spend Sundays in Rudder or a cadet that simply fell asleep, fret not— The Mugdown has provided a briefer-than-the-brief summary of the 2016- 2017 Policy Updates.

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